Learn a Holistic Stress-Reducing Technique at the Tea and Tap Wellness Workshop

Certified Body Talk practitioner Elizabeth Gillis enlists a variety of different healing techniques when treating a client. Her arsenal of holistic-based methods can almost always reduce tension and stress, and she wants everyone to be able to harness this power. That’s why she’s hosting the Tea and Tap Wellness Workshop on Friday, April 7th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Re-Gain Health and Balance.

Admission is free and so are the snacks and tea! So grab a few bites and a hot beverage, then sit back for Elizabeth’s presentation, during which she will reveal her ultimate “stress-busting technique.” The specifics of this approach will remain clouded in mystery until the evening of the workshop, but rest assured that anyone can do it—and it may boost focus and enhance sleep in addition to reducing stress. Don’t miss this unique workshop!

CC-BY-2.0/Flickr Steve A Johnson